Diet and Supplement – Healthy Eye

There are a lot of eye health needs that can be met through proper diet. Balance & moderation make the difference when it comes to any nutritional plan for health, including eye health. 

Eat a variety of the foods presented here, or compliment your diet with the appropriate vitamin supplements, & your eyes should grow & stay healthy. 

Consume foods rich in vitamins A & C, like carrots and citrus fruits, to promote eye health with long-term benefits. Vitamin E, when combined with the nutrient Lutein, can help reduce the risk of developing cataracts as a senior.
Keeping your body stocked up on these vitamins & minerals will help pass your next eye exam & vision screening with flying colors! Remember that you’ll find many of these nutrients in foods such as broccoli and eggs, while zinc can be accessed in beef, pork, and lamb. It’s an excellent idea to stock up on antioxidant-rich foods, from leafy vegetables to colorful fruits. Of course, if these foods have trouble finding their way into your diet, vitamin & mineral supplements are a great way to make up some of those essential nutrients that you’re missing out on. 

By giving your body the natural ingredients it craves, you’ll be preparing yourself for healthier eye care in the future.
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